LipiFlow® is a 12-minute treatment performed in your doctor’s office designed to remove blockages from the Meibomian glands, allowing them to properly function and produce the oils that make up the top protective top lipid layer of the tear film.

LipiFlow® activators are single-use sterile devices that safely and comfortably deliver a combination of heat to the inner lids and simultaneous therapeutic motion to the outer lids, removing blockages from the Meibomian glands. The Activators are contoured to avoid contact with the cornea, protecting the delicate structures of the eye.  Maximum results are usually experienced 4-6 weeks after treatment.

If you suffer from Dry Eye symptoms, ask your eye care professional to check for MGD and find out more about treatment with LipiFlow®.

Does LipiFlow treats the root of dry eye problems?

The LipiFlow Dry Eye Treatment. Up until now, dry eye syndrome has typically been treated with prescription eye drops or artificial tears, punctal plugs, and dietary supplements… The new LipiFlow treatment is designed to treat the root cause of many Dry Eye symptoms: Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD).

What is the cost of LipifFow?

LipiFlow treatment is not covered by insurance.

Continuous daily use of eye vitamins, lubricating drops, and warm eye compress are also recommended for the maximum result from LipiFlow treatment.

How long does LipifFow lasts?

The effectiveness of a single LipiFlow treatment may from 9 months to two years, depending on each patient. It’s important to understand that dry eye is a chronic condition, and LipiFlow® is not a cure.

Is LipiFlow Safe?

LipiFlow is FDA-approved, drug-free, and regarded as highly safe. The heat is regulated with high accuracy by multi-point sensors and continuous feedback, and the pressure is applied intelligently, with a specialized sequence of pulses that prevent any unnecessary intraocular pressure. Altogether, the procedure causes minimal discomfort with maximum safety and results.

Does Lipiflow Really Work? What are the side effects?

LipiFlow isn’t for every patient, however, and in one study around 20 percent of the subjects didn’t report an overall improvement in symptoms.

Side effects and risks from LipiFlow are rare but include redness, stinging, burning, inflammation and red eyes.

Our own Dr. Tran Lipiflow Treatment Jan 2020


Lipiflow is on a National TV Show!  We are excited to bring this high technology home, right here, in Anchorage !