What is VSP ( Vision Service Plan)

  • VSP is your vision insurance for vision exam, contact lenses fitting, eyeglasses (frame and lens) and contact lens material. 

  • VSP= Vision Service Plan

What is my VSP coverage for eyeglasses ?

  • VSP has many different vision plans.  We will have our exact plan present to you when you come in for your exam.  

  • Generally, VSP covers about 70% of eyeglasses material.  This means you will have about 30% out of pocket thru co-pays etc.

New VSP Patients

  • Welcome to our practice.  We are happy to serve you
  • We will need for you provide us with proper information in order for us to verify your benefits
  • This information must be done PRIOR to your visit

  1. Valid ID or Driver License with DOB
  2. Social Security of the person with insurance
  3. Date of birth of the person with insurance
  4. Mailing Address & Valid Phone number for VM or Text
  5. Email address is helpful

Retina Scan @ Your First Visit


  • Optomap Retinal Screening is an essential aspects of your eye health  and recommended for each patient each year to detect possible eye diseases not seen unless we scanned you.   
  • This screening has a cost of $39, and is a requirement for your first appointment.

Additional Info go to VSP.COM

eyeglasses & Lens OPTIONS


Lens Type

  • Single Vision prescription glasses for Distance 
  • Single Vision prescription glasses for Near
  • Single Vision prescription glasses for Computer
  • Bifocals prescription glasses  
  • Trifocals prescription glasses  
  • Progressives eye glasses for everyday
  • Progressives eye glasses for computer
  • Specialty glasses for Office or Driving
  • Digital Relief Lenses prescription glasses  
  • Safety prescription glasses

Lens Material

  • Plastic Lens 
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Trivex Lens
  • High Index Lens
  • Glass Lens

Lens Enhancement

  • Anti-Glare Coating
  • Light-Reactive Lens (Transition)
  • Blue Light Blocker Coating
  • Scratch Resistance Coating
  • UV Protection
  • Sun Lenses
  • Polarize Lenses

Resources for additonal research

What Do I Do if my New Glasses Aren't Working for Me?

It can take up to 2 weeks to 4 weeks to adjust to your new glasses. If you are still experiencing difficulty, then come in! Let us fix it! Be sure to come back as soon as you can so we can make it right. We want you to LOVE your glasses and contact lenses! 


countless frame styles

Tiffany & Co.

Salvatore Ferragamo

Maui Jim


Ray Ban



Etnia, Barcelona

Jimmy Choo

Kate Spade

Michael Kors


State Optical

Ted Baker

Lafont, Paris

Kliik, Denmark


Rag & Bone

and many more!

  • Stop by to take a look at our large selection of quality and luxury eyeglass frames for everyone!
  • Our experienced optician and staff will help you select the perfect pair of eye glasses (or two) for your next pair of prescription eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses! eye glasses