Our Services

Annual Eye Exams


Exams include retinal health screening, a fundus exam using the doctor's slit lamp, contrast sensitivity testing, and a new glasses prescription. 

URgent Eye Care


We can help with your urgent eye care needs, from particle removal and corneal abrasion treatments, to pink eye and infections. 

contact lenses


Contrary to popular belief, contact lens evaluations are not a part of your typical exam but are an additional service. We ensure that the material, shape, size, and length of wear are perfect for you. 

Dry Eye Detection and Treatment


At Nova, we know that Dry Eye can go beyond irritating. That's why we founded the Alaska Dry Eye Center, Alaska's first and only dry eye care clinic.

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lasik and refractive surgery consultations


We provide pre-operative consultations to ensure that LASIK is right for you, as well as post-operative follow up care.

Specialized appointments

glaucoma detection & treatment


Specialized testing to detect and monitor glaucoma and a variety of treatment options from prescription drops to referrals for surgical interventions. 

cataract detection & monitoring


We provide pre-surgical evaluations and monitoring of cataracts, referrals for surgical interventions, and post-operative follow up care.

macular degeneration detection & monitoring


Specialized testing to detects and monitor macular degeneration. We also offer possible ways for preventing the progression of the disease.