• Scientists aren’t sure what causes the most common types of glaucoma, but many people with glaucoma have high eye pressure (intraocular pressure) — and treatments that lower eye pressure help to slow the disease.
  • There’s no way to prevent glaucoma. That’s why eye exams are so important — so you and your doctor can find it before it affects your vision.


  • Glaucoma can happen in one eye or both eyes
  • Some people with high eye pressure don’t get glaucoma — and there’s a type of glaucoma that happens in people with normal eye pressure
  • The amount of eye pressure that’s normal varies by person — what’s normal for one person could be high for another.

What's the treatment for Glaucoma?

  • Doctors use a few different types of treatment for glaucoma, including medicines (usually eye drops), laser treatment, and surgery.
  • If you have glaucoma, it’s important to start treatment right away. While it won’t undo any damage to your vision, treatment can stop it from getting worse.
  • Medicines. Prescription eye drops are the most common treatment. They lower the pressure in your eye and prevent damage to your optic nerve.
  • Learn more about glaucoma medicines
  • Laser treatment. To lower pressure in your eye, doctors can use lasers to help the fluid drain out of your eye. It’s a simple procedure that your doctor can do in the office.
  • Surgery. If medicines and laser treatment don’t work, your doctor might suggest surgery. There are several different types of surgery that What’s the treatment for glaucoma? help the fluid drain out of your eye.
  • Talk over your options with your doctor. While glaucoma is a serious disease, treatment works well.

Remember these tips:

  • If your doctor prescribes medicine, be sure to take it every day
  • Tell your doctor if your treatment causes side effects
  • See your doctor for regular check-ups
  • If you’re having trouble with everyday activities because of your vision loss, ask your doctor about low vision services or devices that could help
  • Encourage family members to get checked for glaucoma, since it can run in families


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