Coronavirus Updates


Announcement from Dr. Tran as of Monday March 23, 2020


Office hours:        Monday -Thursday    9:00 - 5:00      and       Friday  9:00-4:00 

Hello Our Dear Patients:

Due to the concerns of COVID-19,  as of Tuesday, March 17, 2020, the CDC has recommended that all routine / non-urgent eye care postpones until further notice.  There is also an Emergency Order from the Mayor of Anchorage mandates for us to do the same.   Our office is now under "shut-down" mode but we are still here to take care of your eye care needs to the best of our ability.

We thank you for your business, your understanding and your TRUST in us!

Please take good care and we will see you very soon!

Warmest regards,

Dr. Tran & all the ladies at Nova Eyecare Center

What does this mean?

  • We are open with limited services & staff

  • Please call us for questions and the following:

  1. If you are scheduled for an annual eye examination, contact lens check, dry eye follow up or glaucoma follow up,  we will be contacting you to reschedule your appointment this time we are looking at Monday, April 20, 2020  (but this date could change at any time)
  2. If you are picking up materials ( eyeglasses, contact lenses, vitamins, eye drops, etc) PLEASE call us and we will arrange for curbside pickup for all PAID products.  Call 1-907-274-7825 
  3. If you need to replace glasses or contact lenses and need an extension on your prescription, please contact us and we will assist you in obtaining some until you can come in for a visit.   Call 1-907-274-7825 
  4. If you are running out of medication please contact us and we can transmit a refill to your pharmacy.  Call 1-907-274-7825 
  5. If you have an issue that cannot wait for an office visit, contact us during office hours listed above.  After hours please contact Emergency Room if you have an emergency issue with your eye health.   Call 1-907-274-7825  and wait for instructions at the end of the message.   We will try our best to response within a timely manner.  
  6. During this period of social distancing and quarantine, we must all do our part by restricting activities outside the home except for getting medical care.  Please stay at home and stay positive.  This will be over before we know it!
  7. Please remember that 80% of COVID-19 cases are mild and resolve within a week.  However, if you feel your symptoms are worsening, call ahead before visiting your doctor’s office or emergency department and tell them you have or may have COVID-19.

There are many government websites with great resources and here are some links for you:

Safety is our #1 priority

We are taking precautions to keep our  practice, our staff and our patients safe:

  • We are constantly cleaning eyeglass frames after each person
  • We are constantly cleaning all surfaces and door knobs, chairs
  • We have removed all magazines and  even our candies
  • We have hand washing station at every exam room. 

Contact Lens Care & Wear

We’ve all been overwhelmed with concerns of a possibility of COVID-19 transmission through:

  •  Mouth
  • Nose
  • Eyes

And as eye doctors...

Dr Roselius and I highly recommend you and your family take safe & best eye care precautions including:

✅ Know that contact lens wear is safe; discontinue if you are sick!

✅ Proper hand washing is important especially in inserting & removal of contact lenses.

✅ Daily disinfection & strict cleaning of CL & CL cases is a must to prevent pink eyes, red eyes, itchy or other eye infections.

  • Now isn’t the time to skim on solution or skip rubbing/cleaning your contacts.
  • Throw away your contact lenses as prescribed. Whether you wear 1 day, 2 weeks, or 1 month disposable...
  • Now isn’t the time to “stretch” your contacts or “wear until they rip or tear”...offices might not be available for non-emergencies.
  • Why not wear eyeglasses and/or 1 day disposable contact lenses?
    This will definitely reduce your risks of eye infection.

✅Just like washing & sanitizing your “hands”, aren’t your eyes worth it?

Eyeglasses care and wear

  • To keep eyeglasses and sunglasses clean when you come home 
  • The best way to clean your glasses is to run them under warm water and put a tiny drop of dishwashing detergent ( ie Dawn) on the tip of your fingers to create a lather on the lens. 
  • Then rinse with warm water, and dry with a clean, soft cotton cloth.

What to do when you are not working ??

  • Take this time to be prepared for what you might need for yourself and your family.  
  • It's best to be prepared and remain calm
  • Stay home, rest, eat well and take your vitamins to boost up your immune systems!  
  • Take time to read about fun things and relax
  • Call your friends  and family and catch up 
  • Take baths 
  • Bake cookies & apple chips?
  • Write letters or a novel
  • Make online photo books & movies 
  • Most of all be positive, think positive and stay calm! 
  • If we all do our parts, we will get through this quickly ! 
  • PS---don't forget to binge watching on Arrow!

Be well and stay healthy! Dr Tran and Staff

Welcome to our Privately Owned Eyecare Center!

We are a Full-scope eye care center providing eye exams for eyeglasses & contact lenses and medical eye care needs.  In addition, we also provide specialty diagnostic eye testings and an advanced dry eye center. 

It is our mission to bring you the very Best, Honest and Excellent eye care services.  

  • The best eye health care & examinations
  • The best advanced eye technology
  • The best products and eyeglasses
  • The best customer service​​​​


Under Graduate Degree

Under Graduate Degree

Under Graduate Degree


Dr. Tran earned her Undergraduate Degree in Biological Sciences and Psychology with University California at Irvine 

(UC Irvine).

Doctororate Degree

Under Graduate Degree

Under Graduate Degree


She then earned her Doctorate Degree at Southern California College of Optometry .

Dr. Tran has extended experiences with ocular diseases such as glaucoma, cataract, macular degeneration, diabetic care, and LASIK surgery.  

Dr. Tran is one of fewer than 5% of optometrists to complete a hospital-based residency program in ocular disease at The Indian Health Services.

Dr. Nhan "Nan" Tran

Under Graduate Degree

Dr. Nhan "Nan" Tran


In addition, Dr. Tran attributes her knowledge to years in practice with large Multidisciplinary Ophthalmology groups in Southern California from 1998-2003  before moving here to Anchorage.   

Besides practicing primary general eye care,  Dr. Tran is also very passionate about dry eye care.  In 2018,  she opened THE DRY EYE CENTER, the first of its kind in Alaska! This is a state of the art practice dedicated to Dry Eye sufferers!


Dr. Roselius has been caring for Alaskans since 1977

Thomas R. Roselius, O.D.

Dr. Roselius earned his Doctorate Degree with Pacific University Oregon. 


He founded the practice in 1977 located on 2600 Denali Street for 30 years!

Dr. Roselius is a life long Alaskan who is a great author and enjoys hunting, fishing and spending family time with his wife and grandchildren. 

He currently practices part-time at Nova Eyecare.



The practice was founded by the kindhearted Dr. Thomas Roselius in 1977!  
The practice was located at 2600 Denali Street on the 6th Floor, Anchorage, Alaska for 30+ years.  

In January 2012,  Dr. Nhan Tran bought the practice and kept the spirit of the practice moving forward. We moved into our own “Nova” building in April 2016!  
An “American Dream” came true for Dr. Tran when she was blessed with owning  a private practice and building!

Our original staff, Linda & Tracy, are still here along with additional support staff to help take care of you, our sweet and loyal patients! It has been over 40 years that our practice has been serving Alaskans and we feel blessed to have this opportunity!!  

We have grown but we are still the same “fun family”.  
Welcome, come in, we are expecting you!  

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The Care you Deserve!

At Nova Eye Care, we are taking every precaution necessary during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Your safety is important to us, as well as the safety of our staff. 

During this time, we will be limiting the amount of patients that we have in our office during any given time. As a precaution, we ask that you do not bring any guests to wait in the lobby during your appointment.

Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.   

Nova Eyecare Center

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Open today

08:30 am – 05:00 pm

Our office will be CLOSED on Thursday, March 19th and Friday, March 20th. We will resume our normal business hours on Monday, March 23rd at 8:30 AM. Thank you for your understanding.