Vision & Medical Eye Center

Full-scope optometric services including comprehensive eye exams, detection and treatment of eye diseases, contact lenses evaluation, and fashionable eyewear.

Dry Eye Center of Excellence & Aesthetic Eye

We are 100% committed to rescuing your dry eyes! We offer detailed tears and meibomian glands analysis, extensive counseling, and Advanced In-Office Dry Eye Treatments.

Welcome! We are expecting you.

Nova Eye Care is a leading eye care practice serving Alaskans for over 40 years. Founded in 1977 by Dr. Thomas Roselius, our eye care practice was initially located on the 6th floor of 2600 Denali Street in Anchorage, Alaska, for over three decades.

In 2012, Dr. Nhan Tran acquired Nova Eye Care and successfully carried on the spirit and mission of the practice. In April 2016, we moved to our very own ‘Nova’ building, an American Dream come true for Dr. Tran.

Our friendly and dedicated staff is always here to provide exceptional care and support to our patients, who we consider part of our family. We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to serve our community, and we welcome you to come in and experience our compassionate and expert eye care for yourself.

Our Services

Comprehensive Eye Exam

In addition to assessing your visual acuity, Dr. Tran will examine and detect common eye diseases and assess how your eyes are functioning together. Your eye health may be considered one of the most important aspects of your comprehensive eye exam. Diabetes, high blood pressures, retina cancer, and glaucoma are often first detected during an eye exam.

Dry Eye Consultation & Treatment

We are 100% committed to rescue you from suffering with dry eyes! Treatment options for chronic dry eye disease are greater today than ever before. Our dry eye specialist, Dr. Nhan Tran, is not only highly skilled at diagnosing the causes of dry eye disease, but has invested in the latest techniques and technology for dry eye disease treatment.

We are proud to be the FIRST clinic in Alaska to offer MDelite iProX IPL technology with RF technology for safe and tolerable treatment dry eye treatment, skin rejuvenation and MDelite iLightPro Low Level Light Therapy LED Device for a noninvasive treatments of MGD, stye and blepharitis.

Urgent Eye Exam

See us first and avoid the ER.
We are here to take care of your Urgent/Emergency. Call us if you are experiencing these issues list below:

Eye infections (“Pink” Eye)
Crusty eyes, itchy eyes, red eyes
Painful eyelid bump or stye
Painful eye sudden onset
Foreign objects in the eyes
Cuts of the eye or eyelid
Sudden vision loss or vision changes
Sudden floaters and flashes
Recently headaches with vision aura or vision changes

Patient Benefits

We are honest, caring, and will go the extra mile to help you with your eye and vision needs. Come in and see why we love what we do & do what we love!

Qualified Doctors

We are a team who pride ourselves on providing exceptional personalized eye care solutions.

Medical Counseling

Medical counseling is available to help pinpoint exactly the type of care you need.

Full-Scope Service

We provide eye exams for eyeglasses & contact lenses and medical eye care needs.

Opening Hours

We are here to offer you the best eye care service. Come on in during our opening hours throughout the week!
Monday – Thursday 8:30 – 5:00
Friday 8:30 - 4:00
Saturday-Sunday Closed
Open During Lunch
Aryanna Sparks
Aryanna Sparks
5 out of 5 stars
a week ago
Love this place everyone was so kind and welcoming doctor was funny and nice to be around. Setting was so bouji and comforting. It was clean and tidy every room I went in. Beautiful pieces of art and crystals all around you. Large selection of frames elegant and fun varies. Overall an amazing business :).
Raya Aquino
Raya Aquino
5 out of 5 stars
2 weeks ago
If you want to get the best eye care and client service, go to Nova Eye Care. Got my glasses here and was evaluated by Dr. Tran. She was friendly, made you feel comfortable and was detailed in her evaluation. Other staff assisted me with the lens specifications making sure I get what I needed without spending too much. Soon as I got my glasses, I was able to see better and lens was comfortable. I accidentally broke it twice and they were more than happy to fix it for you free of charge. They even fixed my other pair...
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alvaro rosales
alvaro rosales
5 out of 5 stars
2 months ago
This is the best eyecare I ever had, all the personal are great and the Doctor is amazing. 😉 Highly recommend to anyone !!!