Dry Eye Consultation & Treatment

We are 100% committed to rescue you from suffering with dry eyes! Treatment options for chronic dry eye disease are greater today than ever before. Our dry eye specialist, Dr. Nhan Tran, is not only highly skilled at diagnosing the causes of dry eye disease, but has invested in the latest techniques and technology for dry eye disease treatment.

We are proud to be the FIRST clinic in Alaska to offer MDelite iProX IPL technology with RF technology for safe and tolerable treatment dry eye treatment, skin rejuvenation and MDelite iLightPro Low Level Light Therapy LED Device for a noninvasive treatments of MGD, stye and blepharitis.

IPL Intense Pulse Light For Dry Eye

Our new IPL Treatment uses pulses of light to treat inflammation and repair damaged oil glands.

This unique treatment helps treat eyelid redness, promote healthy gland function, and relieve dry eye symptoms.

Low Level Light Therapy For Dry Eye

We now offer Low Level Light Therapy, the latest in dry eye treatment technology.

Low Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is a powerful and unique treatment that counteracts the obstruction or malfunction of the Meibomian glands by unclogging the oils needed to keep eyes healthy, moisturized and comfortable.

TearCare® Dry Eye Treatment

Discover TearCare®, a swift 15-minute in-office procedure addressing meibomian gland disorders. Our single-use, flexible eyelid devices conform gently, applying low heat with SmartLid™ technology.

Lipiflow, FDA-Approved Thermal Pulsation

Our LipiFlow treatment is designed to effectively remove blockages from the meibomian glands located in your eyelids. When unclogged, these glands help release oils into the surface of your eye.

Prokera® Eye Healing Membrane

Prokera is similar to a large contact lens and is made from amniotic membrane which has natural anti-inflammatory and anti-scarring properties. It is the only FDA cleared therapeutic device used b to provide quick symptom relief and reduce inflammation associated with eye diseases such as dry eyes, corneal keratitis, corneal scars, chemical burns, corneal ulcers, and many other ocular surface diseases with inflammation.

Punctal Plugs Treatment

Our Punctal Plug treatment is designed to help increase moisture in the surface of your eyes. Punctal plugs are tiny semi-permanent or dissolvable devices that can be inserted into tear ducts to block drainage.

Need a prescription? WE CAN HELP!

Many people suffering from dry eyes could benefit from prescription medication. Prescription eye drops help to treat the underlying cause of dry eye disease, in addition to relieving the uncomfortable dry eye symptoms.